MobileOrg feature overview

  • Support for Dropbox or WebDAV as a transfer mechanism
  • Org files are stored offline and available anywhere
  • Complete editing support, including editable headings, body text, todo state, tags and priority.
  • Note-taking facility built in, including offline support
  • Full-text search, or search by keyword (TODO, DONE, WAITING) or by tag (errand, office)
  • Mark nodes as done, or flag them with an optional note for reference later
  • Document view of your outlines, for reading document-style Org files with long body text
  • Powerful support for linking between Org files
  • Org mode integration with org-mobile.el

Org mode has built-in support for MobileOrg (or any other mobile client that may come along in the future and use the same asymmetric synchronization approach).

org-mobile.el ships with Org and provides the following features:

A simple org-mobile-push will stage your complete set of Org-files for MobileOrg to pick them up. The result includes:

  • An Org file representing all of your custom agenda views
    • Automatic checksum file construction to speed up sync
    • Automatic index.org file generation with links to all of your Org files
  • A powerful org-mobile-pull command, which will integrate changes you’ve made on the go into a local Org file